A24’s Global Operations (GOPS) team deliver, monitor and maintain A24 and customer infrastructure. With network operations centres and both operations and engineering resources in the UK, US and Japan, the GOPS team deliver an industry leading “follow the sun” support rotation. Our global network infrastructure, in region IaaS, SaaS and custom data and DR solutions are designed to provide the performance, reliability and scalability to empower your future growth.


Global Operations Support Centre

At the core of the Global Operations (GOPS) team is A24 expertise to help customers retain control of applications and infrastructure by leveraging A24’s highly competent engineering team.

We operate and support your platforms 24/7 to proactively monitor, detect, measure and ultimately resolve issues before they become a major outage.

With our comprehensive server, network, application and data storage monitoring tools, you will know exactly how your platforms are performing, both for existing workloads and for future capacity planning.


Engineering as a Service (EaaS)

The Engineering as a Service team provision and deliver new services and platforms, as well as providing on-site support, upgrades and increases in capacity whenever and wherever needed. The team delivers access to remote infrastructure “on demand and as needed”, giving core competency in network and infrastructure engineering, using dedicated facilities engineers that are highly skilled technical leads and architects.

This team provides a wide variety of on-demand skills and services inside Data Centres, on customer premises either casually or regularly based on customer needs and requirements. During 2020 and with Covid restricted travel the EaaS team can perform many of the tasks that customers require with risk and complement any engineering team around the world.

Engineering as a Service skills supplement NOC activities with hands on, physical support, the facilities team are an invaluable part of the A24 solution.

Disaster Recovery (DR), Privacy, Protection and Storage

With A24 on demand global infrastructure at your disposal,  customers can access secure layer 2 services around the world.

A24 builds and operates disaster recovery and business continuity platforms across multiple regions and zones whilst adhering to Data Sovereignty requirements and regulations.

A24 offers these services in multiple data centres, across completely different geographic locations.

A24 gives clients back control over their data, information and security  no matter where they operate in the world.

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